May 14, 2006

Theodicy Weak

After watching Munich and The Killing Fields this week, I realized something. Often we hear Romans 8:28 used during times of tragedy to comfort the victims. This verse can harmfuly be interpreted so that God is the cause of the pain and tragedy. The better interpretation is that God is there in the midst of suffering, sharing in it, so that he may bring redemption or good out of it. He is not the cause, but the healer.

To say that God is not the cause is to imply that God is NOT in control (at least completely and always). I think this is a fair way of dealing with theodicy. The world is fallen, being redeemed, but not redeemed. One day full redemption of the creation will happen, but until then, I believe that God has relinguished control, Eph. 1:18-22.

God has limited himself in creation, and the way that he works in this world is totally unexpected from the God with the omni- attributes. God has chosen to fulfill his mission in the world by using the least: Israel, Judah, captives, the church, etc.

So after watching these movies that display such horror and sickness among man, I must not ask why God, but who God? Who am I to be, Who is your church to be, Who is my neighbor, Who needs redemption? Jesus did not give us the great commision for us to merely go save souls, but he gave us the commision so that we can go out onto the face of the earth and fight against the principalities and powers that cause such tragedies.

What do you think about the possibility of God limiting himself, or God not being in control?