May 24, 2006


One of the most beneficial spiritual practices for myself has been to question myself and the church through the eyes of an unbeliever (to the best of my abilities). I'm afraid the God that the church sometimes paints for the outside world is a bad potrait: an unjust, intolerant, and unloving deity, or a national, American deity.

I just finished the Da Vinci Code. One of the main conspirators in the book throws out this line,
Proof? You want proof the Priory was influenced? The new millennium has arrived and yet the world remains ignorant! Is that not proof enough? (italics added)
So in light of all this conversation and contraversy, the book itself answers how we Christians should respond. Is the world ignorant of the Missio Dei? Does the world know that there is hope, love, and forgiveness surrounding them? We are to BE the proof the world is seeking in response.

I wonder how the unbeliever or nonChristian thinks about how the church has responded to the Da Vinci Code, or if they even care?


Richie said...


Totally agree. I like how you try and view things from the non-believer's eyes.

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