August 28, 2007

Our Sad American Dream's

After reading this story on CNN, I was prompted to write this prayer.

Creator God, we live in a world that so desperately needs your handWe pray for those drowned by the floods of hurricane KatrinaThose whose voices have been drowned out by the spectators who smile
And mock the reality of death and desperation
Who in hopes of sustaining a self centered realityAllow their dreams and visions blind them to the dismal conditions.So God we pray that as you brought your righteous hand to those who cried out Under the drowning oppression of the EgyptiansTo raise up a Moses to deliver the despised and homelessWe pray that you would bring down your hand to those neglected by the massesIgnite burning bushes in the church So that we may preserve the lives of those you loveSo that we may not vacate where others vacation.We trust God that as you flooded the River full of RedThat it would be your cross that brings down The chariots of Complacency and ApathyDestroy the Spears of Indifference at the expense of the ‘forgotten’And drown the injustice of the self centered American dreamAMEN