May 16, 2006

Love is not a commodity!

Love works like a magnet. Love is not a commidity. Love is not hip. These are some ideas from Donald Miller from an interview ovcr at Out Of Ur.

I like the idea of love like a magnet. Not just that it attracts, but that it attracts the opposite. If I remember correctly, when you try to places magnets together with the same poles, they immediately repel each other. Only do magnets come together when the opposite ends are placed together, one positive plus one negative equals love.

What I see here is a parable of magnets. We Christians focus so much on being cool, relevant, and hip to the our culture that we've become the same pole of the magnet that we are trying to reach. God calls us to be the opposite of the culture though. So there it is. Love is not a commodity, nor is it hip, love is radically different from anything that the our culture has experienced. Radical love plus the unloved, unlovable, our enemies equals magnetic attraction.

No longer are we bound to be hip or dress right. No longer do we need the right technology, or piercings, or tattooes. We need the kind of love that will lay down its life for another, even our enemies. The love of the cross only attracts when it is the polar opposite of that which it is trying to attract. That makes our enemies the perfect recipient for this magnetic love.

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Daniel said...

Amen, brother. How many times have we heard 1 Corinthians 13, and yet we still don't get it?