May 18, 2006

Books back on the Shelf

Ah, summer is upon us and that means I get to catch up on some reading.  I've read three books in this last week, hopefully this trend will last once Latin starts this semester.

Cahill's book was fantastic.  The historian takes his love for more than just history and brings the story alive.  He ties in many genres of academia, literature, latin, Roman study, church study, historical study making a well written book and a really good read.  I especially enjoyed the perspective he took in the book in telling St. Patrick's story (which typifies Incarnational mission).  Everyone should read this book.

The second book I finished this week was a classic for emerging church, postmodern culture, youth ministry reading.  He is very practical and well thought out.  It's such a challenge to read someone who writes so much about early theology, historical development, and philosophical ideas.  Any minister who reads this would be challenged to study more, and implement ancient-future faith practices.  This book is for more than just youth ministers, but anyone struggling to minister in this postmodern world.

Last, I just finished Campolo's book the other night.  He came to campus in the spring and preached a message that I especially needed. The problem with this book is that those who I believe need to read this book, won't.  He challenges views of both the liberal and the conservative in his views of hell, homosexuality, the American nation, and more.  For the most part Campolo was very affirming of my beliefs.  Hi prophetic and visionary style is needed if the church is to continue to make a difference in this world.