May 24, 2006


We watched Everything is Illuminated today. I think it first came out as a novel written Jonathan Sofran Foer, which hopefully I'll get to read now that I've seen the movie.

This movie is a must see. It's a great tale about a journey that leads to reconciliation and faith. The story ties in some great humor and thought provoking scenes.

My thought after watching it is, what drives us to reconciliation? Do we find it, or does it find us?


jayrod said...

so. you're taking latin.

im assuming you are taking it through Baylor.

we should talk. i need to find out about language stuff through baylor. im looking to do German and Latin.


JoeBum said...

I went in and took Greek readings, b/c of greek undergrad. that means i didn't have to take the greek intro's so i had 6 free hrs. I talked to Garland about German, and he said it wouldn't be covered under an MDiv, unfortunately we are victims of a bad education system, b/c by this time it is assumed we know german or french already.

For some reason though, he let latin be covered under it, i guess b/c of tnt 1 and 2, i guess. So i'm taking an undergrad latin this summer, b/c i heard the graduate classes for latin, french, and german are a waste, but that's hear say.

I plan on doing german sometime on my own, or maybe at TC or something.

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