June 30, 2006

Mac App's that you need

Tomorrow is my final in Latin, so what a better way to use my time than to find and play with all these nifty app's for my laptop. Here's a list of some free applications that I'm currently using, and some of them I don't know how I ever got along without them.

1. Butler: This rocks my socks off! If you don't have, don't even read on. GO GET IT! What it does is that butler takes your finder and gives you easy access from your top toolbar, and much, much more. Not to mention that you can access all your bookmarks, google, amazon, I-tunes, and on, and on from it. Like I said, get it.

2. Desktop Manager: Here's something that can keep you desktops less cluttered by allowing you to have between 4 to 10 desktops to scroll to and from. That way you can have all your latin on one desktop, and when the teacher isn't looking, you can be surfing the internet on another.

3. Backlight: takes your screensavers and uses them as your desktop background. Impressive party trick!

4. Qumana: This is a free personal blog editor. I use every once and a while, it works well and is good for it's cost...free!

5. Blue Coconut: Now you no longer have to just listen to other people's Itunes, you can take them. It's senstive sometimes, so you have to take it off and redownload it sometimes.

6. Podview: Along the lines off above, this app takes music, pic's, movies, whatever from an Ipod and allows you to look at or take it, and put it on your computer.

7. Corripio: For all those CD's and tracks you've permentely borrowed, Corripio will find all the art and covers for Itunes.

8. Delibar: Allows you to access your Del.ic.ious from the top toolbar...coupled with Butler, you'll be unstoppable.

Post your freeware that you just couldn't live without!


rbanks said...

you are such a computer geek. I am so glad that you found all of these apps.

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