July 14, 2006

Progress Thus Far

We can stop now! (just can't go)
I finally got my brakes done, including the rear supsension arms, front maximum motorsports adapter, and all the brake lines. My buddy from the apartment complex has been a great help here in the last few weeks. We got the brakes bleed, and they work (they'll need to be adjusted once sacramental is running)
You can see the before pic's in the
upper right corner, as opposed to
upper left for the front brakes. The pic above is after the old spindle and before the new ones from the SN95 Mustang.

To the right is the new rear brakes, and under it is the old rear brakes.
The pic below shows the difference between the stock arms and the new ones.

Here are some pics of the engine bay. Russell and I have been scrubbing with wire brissell brushes, brushes on drilles, and a dremel tool. All the rust is gone now, and it looks pretty sweet, just needs an engine now. Oh, by the way, we drained the old oil, manuelly ran some new oil using a drill and a socket, and have drained that oil. Now, it's time to take it apart and put on the new heads, intake, and cam. Woohoo, light at the end of the tunnel (I hope)!

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