June 6, 2006

Sacramental Brakes

Much of what goes into building a car is like anything else...thought and research. The first thing to be done on Sacramental Mustang is the brakes. The Fox Body Mustang is notorious for bad brakes, plus 79-93 was the year for the akward 4 lugs axles and spindles. So, right now, I'm working on gathering parts to do a 5 lug, all-wheel disc brake conversion. My dad did a great job of gathering some of the main things like spindles, calipers, and some smaller parts.

I have to to get gather 5 lug axles, rims, tires, brake lines, rotors, brake pads, a new master cylinder, and some smaller parts to put it all together. I've found some rotors and pads on ebay for a decent price, and am hoping to get some axles there too( because our local junkyard is pricy).

As you can tell, this is no small project. I have to fabricate the brake lines myself, and make sure the things actually work. Plus, I have no idea how to fix the parking brake. I found a guy up in Ft. Worth who has some rims for a really good price, although one of them is slightly damaged.

This part of the build is frustatingly slow, because I can't do anything without all the parts. So I have to spend money on everything all at once to get it going. It will be nice when I can go get my hands dirty and see some results. Even then, there's the expectation though of running into hurdles, especially when it comes to the brake lines and parking brake.

When all is said and done, the car will stop safely and on a dime. Plus, it will look really cool too!