June 19, 2006

Oh the Humanity!

So it's been quite a few weeks now since I've started my little project, sacramental mustang. I've learned some things about myself like how I have little patience for things that seem easy on paper, but don't quite come out well in reality, or how I can become so absorbed in what I'm doing...the task at hand, that my relationships with others suffer. Sometimes, I've learned, it's best to stop and just breath, enjoy it even.

One of the harder things I'm thinking about as I continue the build is how do we as theologians, pastors, ministers reach the working class, those who are consumed by their work, who are living in the practical, day to day battle of life. Sacramental mustang has forced me to think differently than I have been for the last few years. To go from theology and philosophy to practical thougth has been an exercise itself. Right now, I've been so consumed with what I'm doing that I hardly have time to think about theology, why it's important that the church emerges, or whatever. All I can think about is how much the next part is going to cost, and how in the hell I'm going to put it together. So, how do we as ministers reach those who don't have the time or thoughts for theology. More importantly, how do we build a deep faith into the lives of those who are already consumed, how can we redeem their situation, so that what they are consumed in becomes a spiritual discipline?

Overrall, I think this project has brought out my true humanity in me. I have my ups and lows, anger and joy. It's been harder and more expensive than I planned, but I guess that's life...right?


Richie said...

WOW Joe! You did a masterful move....comvince your wife that your hobby is a spiritual project! LOL ;)

I have rebuilt a 1950 Chevy and it was a work of patience. I learned many more unique yet creative ways to link various curse words. If you need help, ask - on the curse phrasing. BTW, I imagine that in some universities Curse Phrasing may be a senior level literature course.

As to reaching those entrenched, I think there is this sort of miscommunication. Laity look at the clergy like they are somone they should emulate, but they can't. Clergy are immersed in their job whereas laity must live entrenched in their own. The trick is to allow for God.

Also, try and have a little bit of faith in God. We may do the planting, let Him do the growing.

JoeBum said...

I have become a little stronger in my curse phrasing skills i have to admit. haha.

Daniel said...

And tool-throwing? That's my specialty. =)