June 13, 2006

Joe? Where are you?

Of course, where'd ya think. Just in case you were wondering if blogging was a fad, seeing that I haven't really touched it too often here lately, let me say, I wish that was the reason. You see, building this car has become very consuming. So if you don't see me or hear from me, I'm right where the photo shows.

Besides working on "Sacramental Mustang," I've been doing some other things to keep busy. For the first half of the summer, I'm taking Latin 1301...lots of memorizing. I'm starting to fall behind a little because of the time I've been putting into the car (not good).

Also, I've been working really hard on the car this week, because this week is my first official week at my new job. Yes, a job. I know, I know, 2 years later. Hey, it's even in ministy, so there ya go. As of this Sunday, I'll be on board at

FBC Georgetown as the college/singles minister. I'll have to post in this later, as I'm not too comfortable in the bigger church, but it's exciting because this is a chance to minister to the age group that doesn't really get ministered to.

Charlotte and I have been keeping busy hanging out with friends. It's been exciting to build the relationships we have here at our apartment complex...because of our dog. Yeah, I call that sacramental dog owning.

I'm tired, but I love it. I pray that God gives me grace during these times, mostly because there are so many new people put in my path because of all these different things. Maybe things will slow down, but I doubt it until Sacramental Mustang is done.

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