August 6, 2008

Picking up where we (I) left off...

Well, the time has come to finally blow the dust off my keyboard and get back to blogging. Okay, maybe the dust hasn't collected on my laptop, but it was nice taking a break from blogging especially because since coming back from India this summer has been a bit crazy. I realized that I picked up some readers during my India trip, but probably lost them all so to my two faithful readers I'm back!

I'm not sure where to take this blog now that I'm entering a new season in life. I'll probably be posting more on my failure and the messiness of life transition for a while, until I can - if I can- get a hold on things post-seminary. For sure I'll be posting thoughts on what I'm reading, giving some reviews, and talking through my context here at FBC Austin as the Pastoral Resident.

It's good to find some routine again, especially since I feel like I'm coming out of reverse culture shock. I'm finding being an American Christian, or better Christ follower, an interesting enterprise again. Hopefully I'll be able to post up a few things on what I'm reading, watching, and what has been going since I got back.

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