April 11, 2008

So I got a J-O-B!

It seems that after seminary I won't have to Barista or work for nothing, oh wait, that's called volunteering. That's right, I found a job, sure it's only a two year commitment, but we're really excited. Next weekend I will be announced at FBC Austin as the CBF Resident and upon my return from this India this June I'll start my first full time work.

My wife and I are incredibly excited about this opportunity. Some of you that know me may be wondering why I would choose another FBC/big church. First, we wanted to move to Austin and finding work in any field much less ministry is very difficult, because, c'mon who doesn't want to live in Austin?

Second, the CBF residency program is a really good opportunity to network, learn, and get paid to basically get a good mentoring experience. Not only will the residency program fulfill my requirement to graduate from Truett Seminary, but this will be my vocation. The program is unique, so that it's a little hard to explain, I mean, it's not like saying I'm a youth pastor, or associate pastor even. The CBF Residency affords me the opportunity to work in all the areas of the church even the one's I'm not interested in all that much.

Third, the church is a really cool faith community. Not only is there deep history, but as a self-described "cathedral church- a gathering place for all the people in the heart of the city," FBC is rich in diversity. My emphasis while at FBC will be in the youth (the youth minister and his wife are about to have twins), yet I'll get to preach, do children's ministry, college, administration, etc...everything. Also, I'm excited about being at a place where I'll fit in (more so) theologically and get an opportunity to explore my passion. It's only a two year commitment, which I good for my fourth reason.

Fourth, I'm still praying about and trying to figure out getting a terminal degree. If I do pursue something in academia I want it to be relevant for the church so that's another reason I'm excited about doing ministry in a healthy church focusing on many facets.

Fourth (and a half) reason, because as I'm thinking about long term future plans, which are exactly stable anyways we're also praying about the possibility of church planting. This has been one of my interests for while and I think instead of randomly choosing a city like Austin, we want to see if we fall in love with the city and this is where God wants us. I would like to be planted if I do church planting, if that's God's way anyways.

Fifth, living in Austin, being a part of FBC, and being given the freedom to pursue something that I would like within or for the church will give me the opportunity to figure out to move a church like this toward solidarity and social justice or community development.

As you can tell, we are pumped about this next move. We can't wait to move to Austin and get connected and sharing our lives. With the many possibilities ahead, as much as the future is open to us we are open to the future, the future hope of God's renewing Holy Spirit. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

That's great Joe! Congrats!