April 8, 2008

I AM Liminal

First, click here.

Well, life around my house has been a little disturbed, frazzled maybe. In some sense, I feel like Murphy's Law has taken advantage of us. Charlotte's coworker has been out for 3 months on maternity leave and has had the worst substitutes, plus she's trying to prepare my month long hiatus to India coming up in May. We're both prepping ourselves for the news we'll receive tomorrow or Thursday...whether or not I have a job/mentoring in Austin. It's been a long wait full of anticipation and anxiety, so we'll let you know when we know. If I get the job, which I would really love to be there, I'll fill you in on what it is.

Beyond that, for a few weeks my car broke down and my father drove down 5 hours to help get it running, so that's why I want you to click here to drive up hits on his web business. It's the least I can do, and all you have to do is click. Also, Charlotte's phone broke, our printer broke, we had our electricity cut off for 24 hours (to not fault of our own), my dog ran away but was found, and I kind of fell behind in school.

This last part is the worst part for me. This is my last semester of classes for my MDiv, and am really excited about my classes. I want to finish strong and I have 6 papers in about 3 weeks and then I'll be leaving for India. If I do get this job in Austin (which I want), then I'll hint the ground running and I'm wanting to make sure I prepare for India correctly.

So to finish up, click here. Oh, and thanks for the prayer...as you can tell from this rambling of a post, I'll need it to get through the semester.


walter said...

Joseph didn't mention that his broke car had well over 5000,000 miles on it. From his Dad

JoeBumbulis said...

i think my dad means 500,000. although it would be pretty cool if the car had 5 million miles on it.

Anonymous said...