October 4, 2006

Shane Claiborne

A week or so ago, I quoted Keel, "We are in a crisis of imagination." Again, this idea and desperate need for imagination inthe church came up in Shane's session. I've grown accustomed to reacting against things, the church institution, structures, powers, religion, or whatever, but now that I have the "don't's" can I have the "do's."

An idea I really like is how in their community that have a relational tithe. This is how the community takes care of the health needs, or whatever needs in the community. The amazing thing is when a need arises, it's met immediately. 10,000 dollars worth of damage? No problem, the church took care of it for anyone and everyone.

Again, this took imagination. We need in the church imagination to creatively BE the church of the kingdom IN the world. Creating the vision of God's desire in the world, and as easy as this sounds, it's not. It's difficult, and I believe very because we've been trained inside of the University, the schools, our churches to be uncreative, to sit and listen, and to conform to models that have been set up by modernity. I pray that the Church in America recaptures Jesus adn waht it means to follow, simply follow Him and nothing else.

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