October 9, 2006

Pains of Creativity

After returning from Atlanta and the conference (Catalyst) I've had some time to reflect. Many of the subjects that were presented were interesting, but the usual presentations you would expect: culture, neo-church, passion, etc. More than anything, I wish some one would have presented over creativity or imagination. Some of the speakers hinted at this subject, but no one really fleshed it out. But then again, what was I looking for? or exactly what would they talk about?

I think more than anything, we as a church, especially ministers and leaders are in a crisis of imagination. Here's the problem though, we live in a culture that fights against imagination. We have television, magazines, education, jobs, titles, and roles to stand in or participate in. No one is allowed to fight against the structure, otherwise they are considered as a bad student or terrible employee. Instead of giving people grades or ultimatums, what are we to do?

As leaders, I don't think we begin with this question, but rather how do we cultivate creativity and imagination in ourselves? Something that I noticed at the conference was many people were looking for the model to take back to their church or how they could be "Shane Claiborne" or "Rick McKinley" to their church. Something that Rick said that has struck a cord in me was about Donald Miller. He said that Miller really is not all that much different than those in the crowd, except he "found his voice." This is what I need, my voice, the person I am to be to minister and live in the Kingdom of God.

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