October 20, 2006

And it starts! I finally got some time to put into the Mustang, and got it started. It was the fuel injectors, so after a rebuild and clean up fuel delivery is on par.

Couple things:

1. No Mufflers (therefore, the sound is not muffled...duh!), so its loud. I think my neighbors hate me.

2. No Idle. The idle air valve has been sitting for 10 years, so I'm thinking that's the problem. Also, the new throttle body needs to be adjusted. I have to keep on the throttle, and it's really not drivable until that's fixed.

3. No power steering. The pump has been sitting for over 10 years too, so it's probably shot. I definitely won't be driving it until the power steering is fixed.

4. There's some other minor things that need to be done (headlights, alignment, battery, mufflers) then I'll be driving Sacramental around.

I wasn't expecting the power steering to be out, and I was hoping that the Idle Control would be fine, but no. Oh Well, here we go again. At least it starts! Enjoy the video, Sacramental sounds sick.

1 comment:

rbanks said...

i wouldn't mess with the idle until you have put on the the exhaust system. You need the back pressure to set it correctly.