October 5, 2006

Catalyst Day Two

Well, I meant to post some more up yesterday, but there has been no internet until tonight. Last night, did not deal so much with leadership, but mostly it dealt with culture and such issues in the church. I really enjoyed Rick McKinley, the author of A Beautiful Mess and Jesus in the Margins, and pastor of an emerging church at Portland, OR called Imago Dei. I think enjoyed him because he was funny. For the most part there's been nothing new. Everything that's been said I've read or learned along the way.

Today, at the actual Catalyst Conference was set up very differently. The best speakers I've heard so far have been a guy from the International Justice Mission. Besides that John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, and Jeff Foxworthy...yes that's right, JEFF FOXWORTHY...at Catalyst, a Christian leaders conference. It was awesome. We got preached to by a redneck! The next greatest thing of the day was Dave the Horn Guy. Check him out, it was probably one of the most entertaining things i've seen in a long time, thanks Dave.

I must say, I'm tired. It's been good, but it's been hard to care or put myself into this because I'm tired. Overrall though, it's been good.

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