September 10, 2009

Moltmann, Session IIb, Day 2

Political or Public Theology: A theology that effects the world.

Moderators: Eliacin, ___, DS, and TJ:

  • approaches to theology in public
  • 1) Change swords into question thoughts. Become dragon killer, so the axis of evil is eliminated. Atomic bombs into question a bombs
  • 2)leave swords of unbelievers, become Amish or Hudderite
  • 3) Change swords into plowshares. change war and military complex, but a ecological complex
  • peaceable man- into peacemaking man.
  • we need communities that participate in peaceable kingdom and communities that work for peacemaking in the world.
  • Otherwise, peacemakers may become violent themselves with a peaceable people.
  • Eliacin- influenced by lib theolgians. seems to me, for most part, if we have emrbaced hope, we must live into resistance. examples of where are concnrete practices, rhtythms, values as we anticipate in global social movement for resistance. So we need to create alternatives. Concrete examples of church creating enclaves or the future:
  • JM- these movements are not always Xn churches, but many Xns take part in these movements. some are very effective. example- green party in europe, there were oppo. groups.
  • In Nicarague, to live a community life in the slums. Show how mutual help will bring htem out of misery. contrary of poverty is community. there is wealth in community, resources.
  • what is place of church in God's kingdom?
  • church has 2 tasks: diaconia- serving poor and sick and homeless in society/ 2- prophetic task to say ot the powerful, look to those in shadows of this empire. prophetic, diachronic service. need both, one is empty without the other.
  • we need a church that serves the sick and is prophetic against the illness of society.
  • "let's pray for prophets, who can speak in public and convince people."
  • Anticipation & resistance: Eliacin- are we co-creators, or should we just expect this to happen, resignation.
  • Kingdom is already there is the healing and stories of JC. We prepare the way for the KoG, by anticipating the righteousness and peace within our possibilities and potentialities which are certainly limited.
  • belief in progress collapsed in WWI. Belief in progress is returning in oidea of globalization, finances, goods, factories. Abyss is approaching with destruction of environment. we have globalization without the globe. the earth has nothing to say.
  • abu grahb- DS- moltmann experienced so much grace in hands of prison camps, YMCA, brit's, etc. presence of grace was salvation. (great ideas and question from Danielle)...(this reminds me of Dostoevsky and Bro Karam. where he appeals to mercy for criminals).
  • it's more convincing to love your enemy than to hate and kill your enemy. so what happened in prison in iraq is outrageous and cannot understand administration that allows that to happen.
  • Moltmann went back to his prison, afterward. the grace was such a grace and gift from british gov't and ymca to give former enemies, new chance of life. and we'll never forget that.
  • to give grace is wiser policy than so called enemies...the terrorists and anxiety of 9/11 is terrifying.
  • commitment to never serve in german army, but to kill the dictator. when he told this to the mennonites, said, "that's okay."

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