August 22, 2006

Update 1, Sacramental Mustang

The few weeks have been rough. I've been busting it trying to get as much done on Sacramental Mustang before this semester started. Well, classes started today, and I have the engine and transmission in. All that is really left is to bolt on the accessories and exhaust, along with some smaller items. Here's some pic's of progress.

Much of the wiring, battery, and coil are in. If you look closely you can see the MSD leads that are tapped into the coil. I hope the battery tray lasts, the hold downs are not the best quality.

To the right is part of my cold air, which is actually missing the upper pipe from MAF to throttle body. The MSD 6aL was pretty easy to install, and you can see the green tach wire running into the bottom too.

The lower intake needed to be matched to the gaskets that will sit on the heads. I took a dremel tool to both the upper and lower to open them up some and polish the insides the best I could. Several hours later (25-30), and several dremel bits, I finished with dust everywhere.

Much of what I learned throughout this experience was patience and paying attention. Also, paying the price up front for something greater in the end. Much of the build was uneventful, hot, frustrating, but in the end it's really coming together.

I'll follow up this post with the engine build.

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