August 22, 2006

Semester Startup

Today was the first day of the fall semester. I'm excited for the most part, I don't have too great of what I call the syllabus syndrome (you know the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the assignments all at once). It was mostly exciting to see everyone again. I've missed the community at Truett that God has given me. Also, I'm mentoring a cov group this semester, so I'll be able to meet some new guys this way.

My classes look good. I start off in the morning with Christian Worship which shouldn't be too hard. I think the content will be alright, but some of it will be subjects I am past and don't really care about...worship wars, but I'm very interested in going into the Christian calendar and liturgy (work of the people). Next, I go to Scriptures 3, the Gospels and Acts which is taught by Dr. Garland. He is cream of the crop of prof's at Truett, so I'm looking forward to sitting with him looking at these great texts, but also this can be intimidating. No tests, but the papers and work should be tough and keep me busy...I have a presentation this Thursday, already.

After lunch I head over to Dr. Stroope's class, Christian World Mission. I am looking forward to learning about the history of modern missions, but also grappling with the very essence of what the church is according to Missio Dei. I'm torn in this class already, because we get to write a paper over an issue of choice from a list. My choices are Universalism, the Kingdom of God and Mission, the development of Missio Dei, the Trinity and Mission, and much more.

Finally, on Tuesday night I have Next Generation Leadership from 5 to 7. This class should be interesting. We meet until the end of September, go to a conference in Atlanta for 5 days, then we don't meet anymore, we just do 3 books reviews.

Overrall, I'm excited about getting back into the rhythm of the semester. I hope that school and the FBC ministry work together.

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