January 14, 2009

Acting Faith

Faith is a strange reality. All humans whether Christian, Jewish, agnostic, atheistic, scientific, whatever practice faith. Faith deals with our ultimate concerns and how we appropriate those concerns. So if I believe that the world is ultimately material and that problems are solvable through scientific reason, then I will put my faith in science. Not that we do not divide our faith, but normally people tend to have a single overarching idea, substance, person, or deity to place their faith in.

Faith is undergirded, strengthened, and even produced by action. We tend to believe in what we experience, trust what we know. Because we are humans with bodies, our minds and hearts tend to line up when we act out in faith according to our actions.

So, if you are struggling to believe maybe the question should be, what are you obeying? If your struggling to believe in a God of justice and love, maybe it's because your life reflects something else. As we move closer to the Lenten season, maybe this is the time to begin asking yourself what it is that God is calling you to give up or to give in to. Instead of worrying about believing first, maybe we should act first and let our hearts and minds catch up with reality.

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