May 27, 2008

Day 11- Hyderabad

Today ends our journey here on our first leg in India. We mostly took the time to tour the city and spend some time shopping. We were able to see the man made lake that separates the twin cities and then go into the heart of the Muslim part of the city. We visited a Mosque that experienced a terrorist bomb last summer. They were gracious enough to allow the men in our team into the Mosque, it was really good and I was able to pray for peace in that place. Next to the Mosque was Charminar, an old, old structure. You should google it. The last site we saw was the 7 tombs, that were very large and amazing structures outside the city. Apparently I'm popular among the youth guys of Hyderabad, several groups came up to me and wanted to take pictures. It was fun.

The best part of today was meeting a Muslim Christ follower who is working for among the Muslim middle class for house church planting. Please pray for Shake.

Tomorrow we fly out to Chennai, then the next day we get on a train to Cochin. I'm really excited to Cochin, the seat of a successful socialist/communist state in India. Also, this is the purported place of Thomist Christianity in India. India Christianity has the possibility of being as old as the Apostle Thomas, yes doubting Thomas from the Bible.

Continue to pray for Jeff's foot, it is rather swollen.

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Roger said...

Joe, just returned from Atlanta and the first meeting with the other pastoral residents. It was a great meeting and you are part of strong group, many of whom are fro Truett. I thoroughly enjoyed Leah Grundsedt and her former roommate Amy (who is in Alabama), plus Zach Dawes and I became friends. They had a picture of you and Charlotte at the "empty chair" where you be sitting. Sorry you had to miss this but you'll catch up quickly.....with you gone, it did give me lots of "break time" when the mentors and residents would get together for, we have some work to do on that....

thanks for the blog. It brings your trip "home" for us here. Zach Dawes brought me up on the debates at Truett between John Piper's Calvinism and Greg Boyd's Open Theism...interesting...but I wonder if matters a tinkers dam in the face of the kind of suffering you are seeing....Theology on the ground is what appeals to me...