January 23, 2008

Organic? Smorganic.

Along with "perfect storm," "waterboarding," "wordsmithing," and other such overused words, "organic" made an appearance on Lake Superior University's "2008 List of Banished Words."
Look I agree that being "green" and buying "organic" are good things, but come on, you can get organic t-shirts and shoes! Not that I don't think we should be taking steps toward making our lives more sustainable and healthier in the USA, heck Jesus' parents were green :)

Here's the problem I think. Being green, environmental, and even organic are ways in which we can hide behind the real problem, all the while assuaging our guilt. So what's the real problem? Consumerism: You want it? Buy it. Oh, but buy it green or organic, but still buy it.

That's why, along with my friend Adam, I'm excited about this:

You can watch a trailer and the heart of Rev. Billy on youtube.

Not that I don't struggle with stuff, technolust, and such, but until we are willing to honestly deal with the greater issue of consumerism then being organic and green are secondary issues that we'll use to make ourselves feel better.

If you've made it to the end, then maybe you'd be up for a challenge. Click and play "Consumer Consequences" and see if the life you are living would be sustainable if everyone lived the way you do. The results may shock, anger, or embarrass you, but hopefully engender sustainable change in your life.

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