June 8, 2007

Faith, Values, and Poverty: Politik

Something I've never been very good at is politics, keeping up with, understanding it all, remembering names and incidents, so this presidential election I have decided to follow the race more closely and vote (maybe) with an informed decision.

With that said, let's get to the good stuff. Recently the top three democratic presidential candidates gathered in connection to Sojourners for a forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty.
As I read the unofficial transcript I liked some things and did not like others. I thought I would share how I feel about the whole thing with a quote I came across from Bono, and ask what you think about the forum.

"They have taken language hostage. We wanted numbers but this is bureaubabble. ... It is not real in any language. We are looking for accountable language and numbers. I might be a rock star but I can count." - Bono

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