April 28, 2007

Sacramental Mustang, Summer '07

So, here in a month or so we are going to move about 10 minutes down the road into a rent house in Morgan's Point Resort (fancy huh?). My semester will soon wrapping up and I'll have more time to focus on my ministry at the church and on the Mustang. I really want to get the Mustang at least mobile to help in moving it.

Update on Sacramental:

I've completely replaced the wiring harness, which is a long story, but right now the body/fuel pump harness and engine harness are from a 1993 'stang, while the dash harness is from a 1992. I've recently situated everything and tried to start it up but the fuel pump didn't come on. So, first I'm going to test the circuits and see if I can figure out the problem before having to put the 1993 dash harness. I may just need to go ahead and put the '93 harness in to make everything match up.

Once I can get the fuel pump wot work, I think I know the reason it has been running so badly. The main thing I was unsure of in setting up the engine was the valve train. I think my pushrods are not the correct length or the roller rockers are not adjusted right and the valves are being held up too long so that I'm not getting any power. I bought a pushrod length tester and will be fixing that if the problem is still occurring after I get the harnesses all lined up. Hopefully I can get Sacramental up and running to help move it and to just be done with it.

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