November 30, 2006

Two Movies...

We've recently watched two movies in our house that I think I'll recommend. The first is just for entertainment's sake, Superman Returns. I think someone could use this movie to teach youth group lessons, because there seems to be some Christ imagery. This may have been intentional by the writers and producers, but I don't think so. This movie is just a testament to how our culture lives in the spiritual and understands the lingo. Anyways, its a good movie.

The second movie is a must see, I think. Al Gore's hit documentary about global warming An Inconvenient Truth. I have a hard time when people that this stuff isn't real, that its just made up propaganda. Granted, we have only been studying our climate for a short time relative to the expanse of time, but the fact that our human population is so huge and has grown so much in just the past 100 years...4 billion people shows that the earth is going to be effected by our actions.

This movie is scary to a certain point, although I have a hard time buying into it completely, but nevertheless I think Gore is right when he says that this is a moral issue.

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rbanks said...

Thanks for inviting us to watch your stupid movies.