November 3, 2006

Sacramental Mustang

Well, it won't be long now, I can almost taste it (or is that exhaust?).

I think the idle is fixed and set, so the car is almost ready to go. I found two problems, of course, that needed attention before I can go get the flowmasters welded on. First, the power steering pump was dead. Therefore I got a new,, and without thinking I got the wrong year. Ford changed power steering line connections in 90 or 91, and I ordered an pump for a 93, but my car's an 88. So, I pulled that pump and got a new one made for my year. I also upgraded to a better pump. I fixed that today, and it looks like there is no leaking for now, but I'll have to keep my eye on it.

The other problem is that the brakes need to be adjusted. I think when I switched the master cylander from 88 to 95, I didn't adjust the pushrod in the booster to be long enough. Now, I don't have any brakes, except a little at the very bottom of the brake pedal stroke.

I really want to get the brakes fixed this week and be driving, but that may be wishful thinking. Tuesday of this week, I have 3 book reviews and normal homeowork due, then on Thursday I have to finish my huge exegetical paper for Luke, take a test, a have read an entire book for missions.

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