January 25, 2010

A (Half) Year in Books: 2009ish

Here's a look at some books I read last year. I only posted the ones I finished starting in June or July, I can't remember. The only book I read last summer was Dostoevsky's beautiful (and thick) Brothers Karamazov. I definitely slacked off in posting up what I was reading throughout the year and giving feedback, reviews, and thoughts...but I'm hoping to do more of that this year. There were several books I didn't finish, read in a group, or am not remembering right now, but we won't count those. So starting with the most recently finished, here's a look at the book I've read this month and the second half of 2009.


Jo Beagle said...

Of course there was a Moltmann book in there ;)

@joebumbulis said...

Ha, yeah, I had to read his autobio b/c I went and heard him speak at an emerging church seminar. I didn't tell you...he signed my book: "bff" - I'll be checking that off my life goals now.