June 5, 2009

Is USA moving towards socialism? Not likely.

With all the bailouts and concerns from those on the right of the dem's expanding the USA government into a socialist state, here's a great reminder of REALITY.



Foxwood said...

Then you haven't done your homework. Nationalization is only part of Socialism/Communism.

JoeBumbulis said...

I checked out your post, not sure what it added other than what seems like a rant. and while socialism and communism have similarities, they're not the same thing. socialism is an economic system. communism is economic and a political system.

Anonymous said...

I might add Socialism and Communism presuppose categorically different ontologies. The politics of Marxism/Communism are founded upon a radical materialist ontology. The material is all there is or ever will be and culminates in a fully unkairotic, thus lethargic and meaning-less, eschatology when the masses will be freed from ideological bondage to their wealthy oppressors.

Socialism need not affirm what Marx and Communism have to say about the ontological make-up of the world. Socialism's ontological foundation may simply be the interconnectivity of all creation and thus the goal of all caring for all directly (this need not be the case, however).

One should learn in silence before one can speak with wisdom.