April 28, 2009

Homebrewed Christianity

Last week I got one of my teeth drilled out, otherwise known as a root canal. For me, the worst part of the dentist are the sounds. Naturally I popped in my headphones and was taken to a different place, a place of "religionless Christianity."

For some time now I've been enjoying what I believe to be one of the best podcasts out there coming from one of my ole' friends from undergrad, Chad Crawford and his bud Tripp Fuller, a Phd. candidate at Claremont Graduate U. Both of them are graduates of Wake Forest Divinity School.

Between the witty banter and pedantic sarcasm, these two brewers gather together some amazing voices in theology and the church today and talk brew. While getting my tooth drilled hollow, I enjoyed the episode about Bonhoeffer's religionless Christianity and the interview with Jeffrey Pugh who has recently published a new book on the aforementioned material. They also let the likes of emerging heretic Tony Jones interview New Testament scholar turned atheist heretic Bart Erhmam on his new book, Jesus Interrupted.

But of course the depth of only 51 episodes provide so much more than those two gems with interviews with great thinkers like Diana Butler Bass, Brian McLaren, Richard Rohr, John Cobb, John Dominic Crossan, Phyllis Tyckle, Walter Brueggemann, Mark Scandrette, and many more.

As if anything else needs to be said: GO CHECK IT OUT! These guys will have you thinking each week about important theological issues for the church.


Chad Crawford said...

Ouch man! For me whatever I happened to be listening to during a root canal would forever be associated with pain. I would choose something I would never want to hear again, like Abba. :)

JoeBumbulis said...

yeah, I figured I should listen to something that would make me think so I wouldn't pay any attention to the drill. Actually there wasn't any pain, my dentist did a good job.

Adam said...

The Ehrman interview is really worth listening to. I appreciate Ehrman in a whole new way now.