December 1, 2008

Advent Day 2

Okay, so I completely missed posting yesterday on Advent, day number 1...the day of hope. Oops.

Yesterday our pastor spoke about hope (the sermon will be up before long). He used the John 1 text. Much good was said, give it a listen.

I'll preach on the lectionary text Thursday at Beresheth, an alternative worship experience. I'm preaching on the wonderfully 'embarrassing' apocalyptic text from Mark 13:24-37. I've come to find out I love preparing for sermons for several reasons. Unlike research papers, information is more seemless and can be arrange or disarrayed in many ways, linear or non. I enjoy the dedicated time of study to a single passage of scripture, especially one like Mark 13, which is not a favorite text but full of meaning for Advent. I enjoy trying to arrange the information and what the text is saying so that the message can be heard. I love reading texts that I used to read in one way and seeing them in a new, refreshing light. I enjoy how the text and sermon preparation changes me.

So in reflection for this semi-first day of Advent what has been on my mind is the word "no." Christmas is about consuming and saying yes to whatever we want, even going as far to create things we want just so we can ask for them. Advent though is about saying no, no to the distractions, stress, silliness, and disgusting spirit that can fill the gluttonoues holiday season.

As we wait upon the revealing of all things new, so no to those things that frustrate God's love, justice, and grace.

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