November 3, 2008

New Home

We are officially in our new rent house! With some help from some friends (5) we were able to move making only two trips in one day. Moving out of the 3rd floor was much easier then moving in. Everything went without a hitch.

We are somewhat unpacked and getting more and more settled. We made the dining room the living room and vice versa & put out bed in the smaller room instead of the master. The smaller room is off the street and stays in the shade in the evening, so it'll be cooler come summer. The dining room is also in the back of the house and shares the area with the kitchen. We like doing things together so at least when someone is doing something in the kitchen the other can be proximal.

The garage here will work. I had to sweep a bunch of leaves and junk out of it. It smells like possible mouse urine or maybe its just the smell of the fertilizer that was left in there. The yards in okay condition. The back needs some work just so I don't have to worry about Smokey. The front has pretty good landscaping, but I'm afraid the yard is dead.

The bedroom, the living room, and the bathroom are all set up. We're working on the kitchen, which we've had to get pretty creative with since it's much smaller. I believe the home was made in the 50's.

Once we get settled I'll post some pic's up of our new place...and maybe have you over some time.

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