October 26, 2008

Sacramental Mustang Update

I know it's been quite a while to say the least, but I found some motivation this weekend and decided (with the help of a friend) to replace the head gaskets on my 5.0 Mustang. This project has been alot about learning the hard way (screwing things up to be precise), so when I built the engine the first time I left out a crucial washer that steps the outside diameter of the head to the same size as the head stud.

Garrett, my local buddy, knew more about 5.0's then me so he helped replace the gaskets as well as set the roller rocker lash. Now Sacramental Mustang runs really good. I could tell as soon as I pulled out of the garage that I had much more power to the wheels. The only bad part is that the new gaskets didn't seem to fix my oil leak problem. I think I'll run it for a while and see if it's a seal that just needs to seal and oil up. (Maybe there'll be paint in the near future).

LIFE UPDATE: If you've made it this far, then I'd thought I'd let you in...we're moving! Yes, my wife and I are moving to a nice little rent house in a fun part of Austin. It helps that the house also sits rights across the street from the school Charlotte teaches at. So come this weekend, we're moving.

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