February 25, 2008

Updated Blog

As you can tell, I've updated my blog which has been long overdue. I was quite tired of the last template and I really like this one. I was just about ready to give up on Blogger when my first template totally screwed up and wouldn't work after working on it for hours.

The header is a great picture of my journey last summer to Christ in the Desert Monastery in the desert of New Mexico where I prayed the hours with a the monks. The trip was refreshing, but at the same time brought up the questions of how we may this life accessible to everyday people, what seems like the colliding of two worlds.

The painting on the right was hijacked from Flickr, which is a public photo sharing community so I hope its legal even though the painting is copy righted. Check out the artists other works. The name of the piece is LABYRINTH: Maybe I am Crazy. I chose it because after searching unsuccessfully for a good Kaleidoscope picture, I came across this one and it expresses well my faith journey. As the blog is titled, my faith has been a collision of sorts resulting in myriad shapes, forms, and colors in my life. In my head these are the things I want so much to bring together: faith, life, culture, community, nature, the world, and Christ; but I have such a difficult time doing. When these various pieces amalgamate the effect is often a crash resulting in the perspective I call collideOscope.

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Ally said...

Ooo...I like the redesign. *Very* nice!

I responded to your comment on my "problem of pain" post, and I'd love your further thoughts, if you have any. Here's the link.

Really hope y'all are well.