January 16, 2007

Semester Is In

Well, hello everyone, or two that read my blog. I' ve taken a vacation from blogging and pretty much reading all forms of blogs, but I'm back in the game now. I thought I've let you know what's going on here lately. I've started back this semester and I'm taking 12 hours this semester. On Mondays I'm taking Christian Ministry and Church Planting. For the Christian Ministry I have to take another, more hands on clinical class where we meet on Thursdays at the hospital. I'll find out next week which unit I'll be visiting. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my main courses are Scriptures 2 (Prophets, Wisdom Lit., Psalms, etc) and Cross Cultural Living and Ministry. Also, this semester I've decided to change my concentration to Missions. Alright, that's what I'll be focusing on this semester, plus this coming Spring mini-term I'll be taking Wilderness Spirituality where we go out into Arizona (I think) and visit a Monastic Community.

What I'm reading this semester:

For my sanity and escape:
The Hobbit and the LOTR Trilogy

For Christian Ministry:
Intro to Pastoral Care by Gerkin
Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge by Maxwell

Church Planting:
Planting Churches Cross Culturally by Hesselgrave
Planting and Growing Urban Churches by Conn

Scriptures 2:
Theological Intro to the Old Testament by Birch and Brueggemann
Exploring the Old Testament, ed. Lucas
Theology of the Prophetic Books by Gowan
Spirituality of the Psalms by Brueggemann

Cross Cultural Living and Ministry:
The Church and Culture by Luzbetak
Participant Observation by Spradley
Appropriate Christianity by Kraft

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