December 16, 2006

Sacramental Mustang, The Story Continues

I know its been a while since I've posted on the Mustang's progress, but here's a little snippet. I thought I had the car almost done, it was starting up (although it took a few tries) and running. The idle and throttle response were both off, so I thought all that it needed was a little tune.

Well, it seems that it just went down hill more and more. It quit working very well, electronic things started to go haywire. After some testing, I've decided to replace the entire wiring harness. My dad had the computer/engine harness, which I've had for some time now that is in nice condition but I didn't put it in because it didn't interface with the other harness that is in the car. So I went to the junkyard and pulled the dash/driver side engine harness that would interface with the one my dad gave me.

Right now, I've got the new computer/engine harness in and am taping it up to make it look nice and protect it. The absolute hard part that I'm not looking forward to is installing the dash harness. I already have the dash pulled and have begun to pull the old harness. Its scary, that's for sure. I'll post a pick of the wiring harness, it looks like quite a mess.

If this harness does not fix it, and some local guys can't help, then I'm just going to take it to Waco and get the shops up there to fix it. Pic's are coming.

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